That was a BADBADBAD trade Gerry Hunsicker is no dummy

That was a BADBADBAD trade Gerry Hunsicker is no dummy.Anyhow, guess tonight in doom and gloom night Joe Posnanski interviewed some scout in his blog to discuss the NL Central he thinks the Astros will be third.Check it out.But that replica Panerai PAM00176 Men's watch scout does NOT sound like a NL guy to me he sounds like an AL guy talkin bout the NL…And in case any of all yall are into projection systems, check out these.Let me put it like this natcherilly, they luV the Yankees (yeah, I know it's a Yankees blog, but the projections systems are not from Yankee fans) and 3 of 4 have the Stros finishing 3rd with a 82-80 record.But then again, 2 of 4 have the Cubs finishing first and I'll believe it on October 2, 2007…Hopefully, tonight, Chris will be nails and I'll be back in a better mood again.

He got the Astros first 1,2,3 inning in the 6th when Tommy Manzella made a VERY nice play on a 6-3 GIDP from Ibanez, who came in hitting like an Astro and finished the game hitting like a Phillie.He got into trouble again in the 7th, but was replica Longines L3.633.4.58.6 watch bailed out by Tommy Manzella again, who made an excellent play on a FC to short, catching Rollins off 3rd.Sampson and Fulchino both came in and got 1,2,3 innings.As for the Astros, well, Pence got an IF single in the first, then Clank walked on 4 pitches, but with 2 out, Feliz stranded them both.He played third, and Blum was at first.So much for playing Chris Johnson against leftys.

Grr.Bagwell, Beltran, Berkman and Kent were ofer that junk and you can't win if you don't hit.Period.WAY too many swings on first pitches that were balls.2) Roger wasn't sharp from the beginning wasn't hitting the corners.I knew that he was in trouble when he had NO strikeouts by the end of the 4th.He was cooked by the fifth throwing a lot of balls and he couldn't keep the ball down.Almost every pitch he threw in the 6th was up.3) When first is open and the tying go ahead run is on base, replica Cartier w20095y1 watch! Are you watching this Red Sox?! Do NOT ask the pitcher how he feels about staying in, or walking learn from Grady Little's mistake.4) There was absolutely NO excuse for continuing to play Biggio instead of Jason Lane.

It's not like he had been exactly sharp actually

And that's putting it nicely.It's not like he had been exactly sharp actually, I thought he looked flat from his first pitch, but he just flat out fell apart in the 5th 7 guys up, 4 RS.Matt Albers came in with bases loaded and let 2 of them score.It's starting replica Panerai PAM00161 Men's watch to feel a lot like last year…Brad Lidge came in and pitched an inning, and for ONCE, looked decent 1 hit and 1 K.I don't suppose I should bring this up, but Benny Zobrist, the switch hitting IF we gave up for Aubrey freaking Huff, looked VERY good and he's hitting .361 in ST and is gonna be the Ray's starting SS.

Roger has a slightly ERA on the road than at home, but his BAA is .217 day or night, .207 at home and .235 away.Still pretty good.I am a nervous wreck and DogS have been coming up to me, poking me with their noses and whining.I've cleaned up kids after dinner and they are in Stros t-shirts.I say “who rules!!” and they say “roger replica Cartier w20060d6 watch kemmuss!!” I figger if we do this about a million times, maybe, hopefully, PEEZE, Roger will see Fenway one last time.Hopefully, the Cards will all be SO worried about the Roger Brad dynamo that we'll have the total advantage.

I've heard a lot of sneering remarks about bandwagoners, but you know, a LOT of kids have suddenly discovered that they love the Stros and as I know from experience, the Stros addiction lasts a lifetime.You GO STROS! And Lord, please let Suppan have left that shutout stuff back in LA…….We haven't hit since game 4, basically.I'm hoping that replica Cartier w69009z3 watch, Jason Lane will play for Biggio, and that the rest of our Bs start hitting, especially Lance Berkman, who hasn't had a hit since game 4.Long pause for game…Well, we didn't hit and we lost.To summarize,:1) Suppan was throwing junk in the dirt and he got basically all the hitters to swing at it.

there is a game tonight No Astros in it Game 1 of the WS Woody Williams

Check it out.By the way, there is a game tonight No Astros in it Game 1 of the WS Woody Williams, hometown boy who looked good in the NLCS, vs Tim Wakefield, Mr.Knuckler without his regular catcher.Question will the redbirds be running, running or running? Question for how long can the Sox keep Barry Pujols' average under . replica Cartier wb707331 watch?Sorry, my Red Sox friends tonight I gotta root, root, root for my homie…For a serious intelligent stat discussion of the series, read baseball musings.For a hilarious series prediction check this read comments 1,2 and 3 by Andy.

Hello, America! I know that it will surprise yall, but there is a baseball game tonight that does NOT involve Red Sox or Yankees!Even though the national media doesn't seem to know that I checked for AP stories on baseball this morning of 46 stories, 43 involved the cursing and or choking of teams not named Astros or Cards.Tonight, the Final Chapter in the Race for the Pennant (yes the National League has a pennant, too) is a replica Cartier w31074m7 watch replay of game 3.Roger Clemens on full rest vs Jeff Suppan.As you know, Roger pitched a great game and we won.Hopefully, history will be on our side because Clemens has faced Suppan 4 times this year and won all 4 times.

Norris was wild all spring don't know why, but he isn't gonna last even this month he doesn't get his little self in hand.Wilton Lopez bailed him out by getting Rollins to flyout to Pence, but then gave up 2 runs in the 4th and would have given up at replica Longines L5.657.4.78.2 watch least one more if Michael Bourn hadn't made a fabulous catch of Victorino (who, by the way, is the only Phillie who is hitting like an Astro at least so far) drive to deep left center it would have been gone in Philly.Moehler came in to mopup and gave up 2 runs in the 5th.

plus he gets to live here and eat REAL BBQ plus not be hassled disrespected bothered by the media

I have been informed, rather rudely, by Certain Other Team's Fans (yeah, you know who you are) that the Stros can't afford Carlos.Really? Suppose we give him a contract 7 years for $100,000,000 (worth more,?because there is?no state tax in Texas, plus he gets to live here and eat REAL BBQ plus not be hassled disrespected bothered by the media) or replica Cartier w10197u2 watch mill yr: Why not?Using figures obtained from Dugout Dollars I see the following:- This year, payroll was $65.25 mill, $72.8 mill with benefits and taxes- Next year, we have to pay $31.2 mill in guaranteed salaries (Bagwell, 13 mill;Ausmus 3 mill: Biggio, 1 mill;

And to all the complaining fans, I remind yall that last August, when they wanted to send him down and he was doing TERRIBLE, please remember SOMEbody claimed him offn waivers, so not all teams share yalls opinion that he is worthless or a loser.But back to Hitter Pence he NEEDS to get PA every single day and he's just not gonna get them up here at this point.AND he needs to prove to me, at least, that he actually can hit A replica Panerai Purdey Fourth Edition Men's watch pitching.Now that is something I KNOW that Scott, Lane and Burke can do very well.It would be different if we didn't have anyone to play CF or RF, but we do and Burke is a good hitter and a decent CF his ML stats from last year back me up.

It seems crazy to me to bench Burke all year except for a few PH, as Loretta is gonna play the majority of second when Biggio is off.It seems even crazier to release him or even to try to trade him there isn't any market for second basemen this year.Loretta's bat might could be bettern Biggio's this year, but his glove was replica Panerai PAM00119 Men's watch worse last year, and Loretta ain't no spring chicken and we HAVE to have a second baseman after Biggio retires (hopefully) at the end of the year.We already traded away Benny Zobrist and we don't have another guy who is ML ready.But back to Hitter Pence IF he can hit A pitching and IF Burke, Lane and Scott fail, Pence is ready and waiting (and remember bout the arbitration clock I ASSURE you that the Organization is thinking bout it too.)Gotta say I was impressed with how well he got the Bull Durham speech down.


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